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Why Switch To an Electronic Cigarette?

Posted by Sasa 09/03/2015 1 Comment(s)

While the jury may still out on the long-term benefits of choosing to smoke an electronic cigarette over a tobacco cigarette, there are several important reasons why you should consider it. We have highlighted below the 5 main reasons people have given us for switching.


No Tar or Other Harmful Additives

Smoking an e-cig will provide you with all the satisfaction of smoking a real cigarette, just without the tar or the thousands of other toxicants present in tobacco cigarettes. This makes “smoking” the electronic cigarette a much safer alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. Getting all the satisfaction of the nicotine in this healthier way just might help you to make a decision to cut back or quit entirely. You can often choose your nicotine strength levels to give yourself more or less of a hit. Some even remove nicotine from the equation all-together, for those people who want to replicate the physical motion of smoking without any of the negatives.


No Second-Hand Smoke

The E cigarette is cleaner because it takes no actual combustion to light it. The act of “smoking” an electronic cigarette, known as “vaping,” is actually inhaling vapour, not smoke. This means that the E-cigarette will not make your skin, hair, clothes, car or furniture reek of stale cigarette smoke.

This also means that there is no second-hand smoke, so it is less offensive and harmful to the non-smokers around you. No smoke means no burning, which is safer for you, your loved ones (including your pets!) and your surrounding environment. With an E-cigarette, you will not feel the need to be a closet smoker any longer!


Vaping Feels the Same

While vaping, you will feel like you are smoking even though you are not. Probably one of the widest recognised benefits of using the electronic cigarette is that you experience both the physical motion AND the psychological sensation, while still receiving that much needed nicotine. Much of the habitual part of smoking is the need to feel the physical sensation of actually holding and drawing from a cigarette, as well as the actual intake of nicotine. The E-cigarette is a satisfying alternative as it covers all sides of the habit. This fact, combined with the option of varied nicotine levels, should help to decrease one’s cravings for a tobacco cigarette.


Save Money – Lots of Money

Smoking an electronic cigarette is significantly less expensive than traditional smoking. Although actual costs will vary from smoker-to-smoker, a 20-a-day smoker could spend less than £2 per day using an electronic cigarette. This is a significant savings for those who are used to paying over £7 per 20 pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Find out what you can save by switching with our savings calculator.


Wide Selection of Flavours

E-Cigs can come in a wide range of flavours. Disposable E-Cigs come with a prefilled cartridge of the nicotine/flavour mix. Other E-cigs allow you to manually top up the nicotine fluids (or E-liquids) in the cartridge. There are plenty of flavours available to add to these specific designs of E-cigarettes. You can choose to add a flavour cartridge/E-Liquid such as regular or menthol, the brand name of the tobacco cigarette you prefer, or a fun flavour like cherry or strawberry.

E-Liquids are often available in a range of nicotine levels. While there seems to be some public scepticism regarding the safety of using an electronic cigarette, it is always good to do your homework and read the research about the reasons to make the switch, as there are many.


1 Comment(s)

09/03/2016, 12:06:24 PM

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