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Vaporizers - Da Vinci Vaporizer

Vaporizers - Da Vinci Vaporizer

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The latest innovation the DaVinci Vaporizer is a new and advanced pocket-size vaporizer. Understanding that portability is essential, the DaVinci team set out to create the most efficient portable vaporizer ever designed. There are a variety of materials that people want to vaporize, each requiring a specific temperature to produce vapor yet not produce smoke or carcinogens. This battery operated Vaporizer is capable of satisfying all those needs. It features a digital temperature control system that allows the user to adjust the vaporizing temperature accordingly. The DaVinci Vaporizer is small enough to fit inside your pocket and can be used nearly anywhere.


Other Portable Vaporizers are typically too big for a pocket and need to be carried in a purse or backpack, while others have to be plugged into the wall to work. That isn’t convenient for someone traveling light and not carrying a bag.


The impetus behind the design of the DaVinci was to create a vaporizer that not only could fit into any pocket but also had digital temp control for a precision experience. The reason for digital temperature control is to allow the user to dial in the exact vaporization temperature without creating smoke, smells or carcinogens.


The features that make the DaVinci a favorite begin with the internal storage compartment. Packed before leaving, the DaVinci carries an additional 3X load in storage for later use. And there’s no better way to use it later as you can slip the DaVinci out from any small pocket and use immediately.


The DaVinci doesn’t require assembly or use breakable straw pieces. Our flexi-straw is constructed of high-temp food grade silicon although some like to call it the walkie-talkie antenna.


While the DaVinci is in your pocket, there is no worry of overheating because you need to activate 2 buttons with opposing motions to turn up the heat. The temp gauge can be read in Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on what school you come from and we didn’t print the obvious On/Off lettering because this is your personal unit and once you’ve used it, you don’t need an instruction graphic to take away from the James Bond look.


There is no accidental opening of the lid or possibility of the contents spilling out cause we designed a latch to keep that from happening. When you want to give your material a stir or keep the chamber clean, just use the self-enclosed brush inside to do the job and put it back into its snug fitting.


It’s not likely you’ll drop the DaVinci because great care was expressed to design an ergonomic grip but if you did, the internal components are secured to mil-spec standards and can handle the occasional party foul. The DaVinci may be used as a hand warmer since the little oven inside can be set to 430 degrees but it is better enjoyed on the chair lift with the aromatherapy it was intended for.


The DaVinci is capable of vaporizing by simply filling the oil cartridge with your favorite oils or concentrates and enjoy the robust vapor production.


  • Vaporizing most materials
  • Rapid Heat-Up Time
  • 10 Minutes Automatic Shut-Off
  • Compact Design

DaVinci is a dual purpose portable vaporizer loaded with features. This versatile portable has the ability to vaporize aromatic blends and essential oils, features fully adjustable precision temperature control, a bright digital display, and a built-in storage compartment and cleaning brush. DaVinci offers temperatures ranging from 100-430°F for optimal vaporization of a wide variety of aromatic blends, liquids, and solids, making it the perfect companion for on-the-go vaporization.

How it Works

Load finely ground aromatic blends or essential oil can into Davinci's chamber. Switch on Davinci's main power and press the temperature power button to engage the heater. Select your desired temperature and allow DaVinci to fully heat. Once heated, begin to draw slowly for best results.


Be sure to clear the chamber after each use. The screen and chamber can be cleaned with the supplied cleaning brush. Use the cleaning brush handle to gently remove the screen for easy cleaning.

What's in the Box

  • DaVinci Vaporizer
  • Flexi Straw
  • 3x Large Replacement Screens
  • 6x Small Replacement Screens
  • 2x Essential Oil Cans
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 110v -240v Wall Charger

User Manual

How do I use the DaVinci?

The DaVinci was created to simplify the portable vaporization process, and using it couldn’t be simpler:

Charge your DaVinci; Make sure the main power switch is on while charging, or it won’t charge.

Load your blends or liquid can into the chamber. Push the temperature power button to engage the heater.

Adjust the desired temperature to your DaVinci using the buttons on the front. Allow the Davinci to warm up (red light)until the set temperature is reached (green light).

Slowly draw from the Davinci, as vapors should be produced immediately.

What is the best grind level for the DaVinci?

The DaVinci excels with a medium-fine grind level; particles that are just larger than the screens.

How long does it take for the DaVinci to pre-heat?

Roughly 45 Seconds

Do I need to set the temperature Every time I turn it on?

Nope, the DaVinci has temperature memory recall from the last set temperature.

What determines vapor quality in the DaVinci?

The three main factors that will determine vapor quality are oven temperature, grind quality/consistency, and draw rate.

Altering these variables will allow you to customize the vapors to your liking.

Best practice is to start with low temperatures, and play with the those variables until you find the vapor sweet spot.

Is the DaVinci compatible with liquids and concentrates?

Yes! The DaVinci comes with two ‘Esssential Oil Cans’ that allow you to use liquids and concentrates in the DaVinci.

Will the DaVinci work on 240v power?

The DaVinci is charged by 100v-240v AC adapter, but you may need an outlet/plug adapter if outside of North America. (included)

The battery is not user-removeable or replaceable.

What is the temperature range of the DaVinci?

50°F to 405°F ( 10°C to 207°C)

What is the maximum temperature of the DaVinci?

~405°F (207°C)

My vapors seem thin.  What can I do to change that?

The three main factors that will determine vapor quality are oven temperature, grind quality/consistency, and draw rate.

Best practice is to start with low temperatures, and play with the those three variables until you find the vapor sweet spot.

Start with just increasing the temps(gradually, and allowing the DaVinci 30 seconds to adjust) and see if you find the thickness you are after.

Can the DaVinci convert Celsius to Fahrenheit?

Yes. If you hold down the heating power button for three seconds, it will change the display from Celsius to Fahrenheit, or vice versa.

What is the DaVinci made from?

The DaVinci has a high-grade plastic body, stainless steel heating chamber, and braided silicone and plastic hose/mouthpiece.

What is the heating element made from?

The DaVinci is a conduction vaporizer, and the heating element is gold plated.

Will DaVinci over-heat my blends?

The DaVinci is capable of temperatures of 405°F (201°C) so in theory, it is possible, depending on the particular blend you are using.

Best practice is to always start with a low temperature, and gradually work your way up (allowing the DaVinci 30 seconds each time to adjust) until you find your vapor sweet spot.

How full should the heating chamber be?

Smaller amounts will work fine, but loading the chamber full will create the densest vapors.

Load fully, but not tightly.

How often should I stir the blend in the heating chamber?

The DaVinci is an efficient vaporizer, you should not need to stir. But, if you feel you want to stir, please do so as needed.

Use caution if stirring with a metal stirring tool, not to scratch or damage the interior chamber walls, or they will become extremely difficult to clean in the future.

How do I charge the DaVinci?

Plug the DaVinci’s included 100v-240v AC adapter. There is no USB charging option for the DaVinci.

It IS possible to use the DaVinci while charging!

It will not harm the battery to charge it before a low battery warning! If your planing on being away from an outlet for awhile, make sure the battery is topped off. When in doubt… plug it in!

How long does it take to charge the DaVinci?

Your first charge should roughly 8 hours. After that, standard charging time will be about 2.5-3 hours. It will not harm the battery to charge it before a low battery warning!

How many uses between charges?

Total uses vary with temperature settings and blend but you should get between 10-15 cycles on a full charge.

My DaVinci isn’t charging, why?

Check your charging source, or try another outlet? If multiple outlets are not transmitting power to the unit, please contact us.

Is the battery user replaceable?

No. The integrated high power Lithium battery is made from the latest, safest technology. With care and regular charging it should last for years! Love your DaVinci vaporizer? Charge it regularly!

Is there an auto-shutoff on the DaVinci?

The DaVinci will shutoff after 10 minutes of inactivity.

As a general safety rule, do not leave the DaVinci unattended while powered on.

How should I care for my DaVinci?

Always allow your DaVinci to cool COMPLETELY before cleaning, 30 minutes should be sufficient.

For occasional chamber cleaning, A cotton swab with a little rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol works very well. DO NOT submerge the DaVinci vaporizer or place it under running water. NEVER use a knife or other hard sharp object as it can damage the heating chamber.

Always make sure your vaporizer is COMPLETELY dry before plugging it back in to charge.

Do not attempt any internal or external repairs to your unit as doing so may cause fatal injury.

How often should I clean my DaVinci?

Inspect your DaVinci often for signs of buildup, and clean as needed. Your DaVinci will tell you when it needs to be cleaned.

Is it okay to use isopropyl alcohol on my DaVinci?

Never bring open containers of liquids near the DaVinci but using isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab to clean the heating chamber, or via syringe to flush the vapor path.

What parts of the DaVinci will I need to clean the most?

The heating chamber and vapor path will incur the most buildup, clean these areas often to ensure peak performance of your DaVinci.

What kind of cleaning tools work best with the DaVinci?

Cotton swabs, salt, isopropyl alchohol and a syringe will be all you would ever need.

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